About Us

About Us

The aim of the Money Smart Athlete Blog is to provide athletes worldwide with the tools to become money smart and help them make savvy financial decisions. We created this blog to transmit and share the knowledge we have accumulated as financial and business advisors during the past two decades.

Athletes are amongst the most financially vulnerable persons of our times and the numbers support this claim. Through our work with athletes, we have accumulated a vast knowledge on their money management behaviors. Unfortunately, we often see that the commitment and dedication that athletes give to the game is not the same they give to their personal finances.

We strongly believe that this must change by giving athletes the opportunity to become financially literate and we consider this an obligation of the Sports Industry Stakeholders: Sport Governing Bodies, Leagues, Clubs, Academies and Agents. All stakeholders in the sports industry should contribute in order to alleviate the problem and help take preventive action by creating Money Smart Athletes.

We thank you for following the Money Smart Athlete and we hope that you will find our content both useful and enjoyable. We are here to guide and help professional athletes achieve financial freedom and we welcome your comments and contribution to our blog.

The Money Smart Athlete Team