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March 2018 Editorial: How the Money Smart Athlete deals with Financial Setbacks and Failure

Mar 1, 2018 | Editorials

1 March 2018


Setbacks are part of everyday life, and the manner in which they are dealt with contributes greatly to the resulting outcomes of such setbacks. Athletes have more than their fair share in setbacks, especially financial ones, which unfortunately sometimes may even result in complete financial failure, with devastating effects. The financial failure of athletes is a much discussed problem due to its magnitude.

This month we are addressing the issue of financial setbacks and failure of Money Smart Athletes and how they can bounce back positively. During their athletic training, Money Smart Athletes develop unique strengths which if applied to situations of financial distress, can help them take control of their financially challenging situation and get into a positive recovery mode faster.

Through this month’s articles, we want to guide Money Smart Athletes on how to deal with financial distress situations positively, and help them recover and get their lives back on track, as quickly as possible.


Athena P. Constantinou