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June 2018 Editorial: The Money Smart Athlete’s Winning Team of Advisors

Jun 1, 2018 | Editorials

1 June, 2018

There are important lessons to be learned from a plethora of athletes who have financially failed.  A common denominator often, is the trust athletes have placed in the wrong professionals.  We have all heard of a number of cases all over the world, where lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, agents, etc have defrauded athletes by advising them to invest in various potentially “high and fast profit” schemes.  In a lot of cases, athletes not only lost the money they invested but also ended up being accused of tax fraud.

During different stages of your life, you will have to interact with many professionals who will help you with your athletic, financial and business endeavors.  Creating the right team of trusted, reputable, and established professionals within any given field is important to your success.  Once you have the proper team in place, your advisors will support your efforts in ways you can’t accomplish alone.

This month, we want to raise your awareness as to the type and caliber of advisors you need in your support team.   We want you to be aware that being surrounded by the right people will take you places and will make you a winner, not just in your sport, but in life as well!

Athena P. Constantinou