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October 2018 Editorial: The Money Smart Athlete Entrepreneur

Oct 1, 2018 | Editorials

1 October, 2018


Entrepreneurship is a post sports career option chosen by a number of retired athletes.  Many athletes see entrepreneurship as an exciting challenge with lucrative wealth generating prospects; and it is, if you are someone who is a risk taker, likes to create, loves to work and does not mind being constantly out of their comfort zone.  The truth is that the qualities athletes develop throughout their athletic career are similar to those required when setting up a business venture. In addition, athletes usually have the added advantage of a large network which may very well serve as a target market for their prospective business ventures.

The decision to pursue entrepreneurship should not be taken lightly.  Entrepreneurship is not all ‘roses’. Yes, it does offer flexibility, excitement, prospects of earning big but at the same time it is risky, it requires many skills, discipline, courage, patience and persistence.  When planning your entrepreneurial endeavors you should be prepared to go through periods of struggle which, hopefully, will not last longer than the start-up phase.

This month we wish to give Money Smart Athletes the necessary tools to help them decide whether entrepreneurship is right for them; and in case they determine that entrepreneurship is the way forward, we want to introduce them to the basics of successful entrepreneurship as well as their entrepreneurial options.


Athena P. Constantinou