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Month: February 2019

Athlete Development

The end of college life: What then?

  By Constantinos Massonos, Contributor One of the greatest challenges student athletes face in their lifetime, is transitioning from college life to either competing professionally or becoming professionals in a field outside of sports. Either way, there are...

Guest Blogs

How to Eliminate Transition Trauma

by Debra Russell  Throughout your life as an athlete, you will experience transition. As a student athlete, you experience it as you advance through the levels of your sport and then into University athletics and from amateur to professional. Even once you're in...


February 2019 Editorial: Student Athlete Issues

1 February, 2019 Student Athletes are the most valuable human capital of the sports industry.  Regardless of whether they go into professional sports or pursue another career path after graduating from college, student athletes need to strike and maintain a balance...