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Your international career demands advisors with international exposure

Having an agent or an advisor, is one of the most important factors in an athlete’s career. An agent is the person that will guide and help you make the right decisions. In a previous article ‘Choosing your agent and his obligations to you’, we briefly analyzed how the right person can lift your career and support you through every aspect of your life, besides the playing part.

Nothing is granted in life and especially for athletes, things change all the time. Being a professional athlete is not the same as having a typical job like everyone. Clubs or agents may express their interest towards a player, your club may want to add you to their transfer list, they may even want to reduce your salary because of your recent below-average performance. Things move so fast in an athlete’s career, which is shorter than every other profession, making it impossible for a young athlete to always do the right thing. This is the point where the proper advisor can be useful in an athlete’s career.

Have you ever imagined playing abroad?

As mentioned above, being an athlete is much different from having a job like everyone else. The odds for relocating are much higher compared to every other profession. Therefore, every individual must be able to cope with the new way of life and culture that every country has. Thus, an advisor or an agent with a great international network and exposure will help you settle in the new environment, while you play your best and enjoy a successful career.

Nowadays, it is much easier to play abroad compared to the ’80s or ’90s. Most clubs have an international scouting network in many regions, agents are doing business all over the world, and the possibility of being transferred to a new, exciting, but at the same time unknown country is high.

Leaving your country to play somewhere else

When the right opportunity arises and you find yourself in a new country, playing to your maximum potential and enjoy a successful playing period is not as easy as it seems. There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration in order to keep your mind focused in the field and having nothing else to worry about.

Every country has different rules and regulations that you need to comply with. Even though it is not an athlete’s task to worry about compliance matters, you need to be careful whether your advisor is doing the right job for you, because at the end of the day it will be you who bears the responsibility. In addition, do not forget that when leaving your current country base, you need to take care of and settle anything pending related to banking and taxation.

Be introduced to a new reality

Your advisor might not have expertise in your new country’s taxation system, but he has to be someone with a strong international network, who can introduce you to accountants and lawyers who do business in these countries. It is very important to collect information from fellow athletes playing in that country about the playing conditions. These conditions may be whether athletes are paid on time, or if there are violent incidents between the fans in the stadiums.

When negotiating your contract with your new club, you have to take into consideration the taxation system of that country. Regardless of whether that country is considered a tax heaven, you need to comply with the rules and regulations given that they will be the ones collecting taxes from you from now on. Also, it’s important to find a good banker who will help you set up your new bank account with the best possible terms tailored to your needs.

One of the most important issues you need to sort out in your new country is your family. An international school is needed for your children in case they do not speak the local language. Furthermore, in case any family member has a medical condition, then all the needed requirements and precautions have to be taken by your advisor before even entering the country. This will prevent you from having any disappointing surprises. Your family needs to live under safety and comfort so it’s vital that you choose the right house, in a good neighborhood.

Finding the paradise

It is very common for professional athletes to plan to retire and live their rest of their lives in a country that they played in and loved it. When you and your family decide that you want to spent the rest of your lives in that country, you need to take some tough decisions, but your advisor’s guidance can help you make the right ones.

Your money and finances will end up in that country so it’s crucial that you consider hiring an expert to take care of taxation matters. In addition, real estate, property and contract laws are vital in securing your personal assets within a country and you should make sure you consult the right professionals regarding these matters. For more information on relocating to play in a new country you may contact us at [email protected].