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Money Smart Athlete Blog



September 2021 Editorial: Off the Pitch: Athletes and Investments

Investing is one of the key ways that athletes can achieve the financial goals they have set in their financial and life plan.  Through investing athletes can make their money work for them and take charge of their financial security by growing their wealth and by generating additional income streams to support their desired lifestyle.


June 2019 Editorial: The Issues of an Esports Career

1 June, 2019 Electronic Sports, commonly known as Esports, have been gaining a lot of ground during the past decade.  Esports are computer gaming which has been organized at a professional level and it is competitive.  There is a lot of controversy as to whether...


May 2019 Editorial: The Money Smart Olympic Athlete

1 May, 2019 The Olympic Games are considered the world’s foremost sport competition with the participation of thousands of athletes from over 200 nations, competing in a variety of sports.  Participating in the Olympic Games itself is considered a great honor and...


April 2019 Editorial: Sports Financial Literacy

1 April, 2019 With April being financial literacy month, the Money Smart Athlete team celebrates financial literacy and shares views on the positive impact that financial literacy has on athletes.  Being financially literate is useful to every one of us, no matter...


March 2019 Editorial: Women Athlete Issues

1 March, 2019 Sport is a universally shared human culture and as such it should be equally shared by men and women across the globe.  Women’s history in sport is fairly new though, it just dates back to the 19th century.  The first time that female athletes...


February 2019 Editorial: Student Athlete Issues

1 February, 2019 Student Athletes are the most valuable human capital of the sports industry.  Regardless of whether they go into professional sports or pursue another career path after graduating from college, student athletes need to strike and maintain a balance...


December 2018 Editorial: Philanthropy in Sports

1 December, 2018 Sports have become one of the most popular global activities, attracting the attention of millions of people.  This growth is producing more and more powerful social icons that have considerable influence in society.  Athletes serve as role models...