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October 2021 Editorial: Athletes planning for the future in the post-Covid era

The novel coronavirus – Covid-19 – broke into our lives almost two years ago and altered every aspect of our reality. Offices moved online, sporting events lost their magic and human interaction changed fundamentally. We can only hope that we are briskly taking back control of our lives with the increasing rate of vaccination and the gradual washing away of the virus itself.


October 2017 Editorial

The family of the Money Smart Athlete is an integral component of the athlete’s success.  The lives of athletes go through transitions and changes in a much faster pace than those of everyday people.  The families of athletes are very much affected by such changes...


Welcome to the Money Smart Athlete Blog

September 19 2017 I am very excited about the launching of this blog which is a labor of love, vision and hard work. I have been working with athletes from all continents for over 20 years and throughout my career, I have witnessed the financial fall of many great...