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Money Smart Athlete Blog

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Athletes, Wealth and Money

When athletes, after years of hard training, finally gain professional status through earning a place to compete in top sports events or through signing a playing contract, they need to be prepared to manage the money they will subsequently earn. Through the Money Smart Athlete Blog, we have thoroughly addressed the potential pitfalls professional athletes should avoid during their careers, as also the most efficient ways to manage their money in order to attain financial freedom.

Financial Literacy

Athletes and Investment Basics

The reward for athletes who reach a top level in their sport, does not only come in the form of public recognition and a display case full of medals. Most professional athletes are privileged with earning what an average person earns in a lifetime, in just a few years. Many will squander this money away in a short time, but others will make the right decisions, including investments, that will allow them to retain their financial freedom and security after their retirement.