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Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs

5 Steps to Winning In Any Economic Environment

The state of our economic environment is told from two very different lenses. One lens is told through attention grabbing headlines tugging on our emotions. The other lens is told through the price per share of publicly traded companies, the rate of unemployment,...

Guest Blogs

Investing Advice for Money Smart Athletes

by Bonita Bell-Andersen I once overheard a stock broker bragging to a man about the yacht he kept docked at the most exclusive club in Seattle, and the man replied, “Where are your client’s yachts?” You may be wondering if it is a good idea to invest. On the one...

Guest Blogs

Mindful Money

by Debra Russell   Dealing with money feels hard, complicated, uncomfortable. I don’t mean spending it. I mean managing it, investing it, budgeting it, deciding what you can and cannot afford, talking to your partner/spouse about it. Just dealing with it! On...

Guest Blogs

Branded Entertainment: Athletes in Film

by Susan Sember The mediums of film, television and video content provide a unique platform to establish an athlete’s brand in the most immersive and authentic way.  Branded entertainment is increasingly gaining stride in preference over traditional advertising and...