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Social Issues and Philanthropy

Parenting, Social Issues and Philanthropy

Sport parenting: The importance of laying the right foundations and raising socially responsible adults

While many believe that the concept of social responsibility in sports is a recent phenomenon, it dates back hundreds of years to the Byzantine empire where chariot riders requested from emperor Justinian to pardon their followers, leading to weeks of rioting and bloodshed. Fortunately, the outcome of today’s social responsibility is not as vicious, but in principle, is the same as what it used to be when it first appeared. In short, athlete social responsibility is the ideology that athletes as role models and influencers, have a duty to society to take a stand and have a positive effect on their communities and society as a whole.

Social Issues and Philanthropy

Organized Philanthropy in Sports

By Constantinos Massonos, Contributor The power of sports in implementing positive change is recognized at a global level and not only from organizations focused on sports.  The United Nations, one of the world’s largest organizations, has introduced the United...