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Esports are here to stay

Over the last decade, the eSports industry has experienced phenomenal growth, leading people to question the conventional definition of sports, one that assumes the involvement of physicality. In short, one side argues that eSports do not necessarily constitute a sport because they lack the physical aspect that we’re used to seeing in sports such as basketball, football and others. On the contrary, the other side suggests that eSports, through their competitive nature, as well as their ability to entertain, should definitely be included in the bucket of sports. In this article, we don’t seek to take part in this debate but rather explain why eSports, through their financial outlook and popularity, are here to stay.

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By Andreas Themistocleous, Contributor I probably don’t need to say this, but the Olympic Games are by far the greatest sporting event in the world, all matters taken into account. It embodies the values, principles and spirit of sports, as the world has come to...

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