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February 2024 Editorial: Starting Strong: Life after College Sports

Feb 1, 2024 | Editorials

One of the greatest challenges faced by student athletes, is transitioning from college life to either competing professionally or becoming professionals in a field outside of sports—or at least outside the pitch. According to the NCAA, only around 2% out of 480,000 college athletes move on to compete at a professional or Olympic level. So, it is imperative that collegiate athletes contemplate a life and a career off the pitch in order to have a plan B available, should they not manage to turn pro.

Whatever the case, there are certain psychological and financial aspects that athletes will have to deal with.  Setting aside the psychological aspect of their sports career ending early, collegiate athletes will also need to address the ‘what’s next’ question and explore potential career opportunities open to them.

The end of college is not a joke. It is tough enough on most people who do not even have to cope with the possibility of having their long-life dream of becoming pro athletes, crushed. It is therefore paramount that collegiate athletes do not delay the process of preparing for their (immediate) future while developing preferably multiple contingencies about what they can do once college is over.

Athena P. Constantinou

E-mail: [email protected]