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June 2021 Editorial: The Silent Rise of Esports

Jun 2, 2021 | Editorials

Electronic Sports, commonly known as Esports, have been gaining a lot of ground during the past decade.  Esports has been experiencing huge popularity during the past few years because, among other things, it is considered a far more inclusive sport than other sports where there is no gender, age, race or any other discrimination:  Everyone has the potential and can train to be a professional gamer.

Along with the popularity of Esports, its viewership is on the rise as well.  As a consequence, the growth of advertising in Esports is increasing exponentially.  Brands realize the unlimited potential of interfacing directly with previously difficult to reach audiences, and they are shifting large chunks of their advertising budgets to Esports.

This month we attempt to gain an understanding of the Esports landscape and we are looking into the rise of Esports and the opportunities that are being created in this relatively new space.  There is one thing we know for sure:  Esports are here to stay!

Athena P. Constantinou
E-mail: [email protected]