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September 2020 Editorial: Professional Athletes and Social Responsibility

Sep 1, 2020 | Editorials

During these surreal times we live in, social responsibility becomes more than just a mere catchphrase, PR stunt and marketing technique. Athletes, more than anyone else with similar status and financial strength, should always be at the forefront during times of hardship—be that a financial crisis, a pandemic, or both. Social responsibility comes in different shapes and sizes and is contingent upon the particularities and demands of the specific moment in time; it could be financial aid, participation in mass movements, or even something as simple as a retweet or a motivational speech.

There are just so many things that athletes can do to give back to the community, to motivate and to assist—outside the pitch. They are some of the most popular figures in the world, they are recognizable, they are adored, they are looked up to and most of them come from humble backgrounds which also makes them relatable; this is why athletes are in a perfect position to be a positive force of change and be at the forefront in the fight towards a more equal, giving and kinder world.

This month we explore the concept of social responsibility with a particular emphasis on professional athletes. We will specifically focus on how athletes affect our everyday lives beyond the field, in what ways they motivate and inspire young children, how they can give back to the public that worships them, but also how they can participate in emerging and dominant social issues such as gender equality.

Athena P. Constantinou

E-mail: [email protected]