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March 2020 Editorial: Mature Athlete Issues

Mar 4, 2020 | Financial Psychology

March 1, 2020

Professional athletes dedicate their lives to sport and make a lot of personal sacrifices to pursue their athletic dreams.  Usually ageing is not kind to athletes, as it impacts their performance negatively and it is a signal that their days of athletic glory are nearing their end.  The mature days of athletes signify the end of their athletic career and they usually come with a number of distressful reactions and psychological effects.

Retirement from sport at a relatively young age is a reality in the lives of most athletes.  If retirement is voluntary, it means that the athlete may be prepared for life after sport but studies have shown that both voluntary and involuntary retirement from sport are accompanied by a number of negative side effects which include depression, addiction and suicidal tendencies.

This month, we address the issues faced by mature athletes nearing retirement and we identify ways which will help them prepare for a fruitful life after sport.  We will guide athletes to prepare for the end of their athletic career by creating appropriate support systems which will help them maintain their mental, physical, emotional and financial health resulting to a smooth transition into life after sport.

Athena P. Constantinou

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