Solo-Sport Athletes

In this particular program, we look into the challenges faced by solo sports athletes, which are many; financial difficulties; parental and social pressure; combining sport with school when young and at the beginning of their career; constantly adapting to new environments and coping with the demands of being the best in their sport.

Course Content

The Solo Sports Career

The life of an elite athlete in individual sports can be a very lonely one; long practice hours, extensive travelling around the globe, not much time to spend with family or cultivate friendships, and the list goes on. An elite sports career takes a lot of hard work, a strict training schedule, strenuous and consistent practice and foremost, personal sacrifices.

Through our courses we help solo sports athletes deal with the hurdles faced in their pursuit of perfection, their willingness to risk everything to be the best, and their transition from elite sports to a more conventional career during their life after sport. The end of a solo and usually elite sports career entails significant change in many areas of an athlete’s life and the athlete needs to be ready to cope with such changes. The truth is though that solo sports athletes acquire a number of valuable skills during their sporting years which, if applied properly, can help them to build an equally successful life after the end of their elite sport career.

The number of athletes in individual sports that make considerably less money than the team sports athletes continue to be the majority of professional athletes in the world.

Our Course Contents

The areas covered by our particular courses include:

  • Juggling family and a solo sports career
  • Taxation of athletes competing in individual sports
  • Creating a winning team of advisors
  • The life after sports dilemma of a solo sports career athlete
  • Attaining financial sustainability through a solo sports career.

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