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Athlete role models

Athlete role models and their relationship with sponsors and endorsements

Sponsorships and endorsements have evolved into an integral part of modern-day sports. Counterintuitively, they developed almost hand-in-hand with the sport industry itself over the course of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Today, sponsors have become a vital part of the industry and the flow of money into the veins of sports, form the lion’s share of the industry’s turnover. For athletes, the funds they secure for endorsements and from sponsors constitute an important part of their income. In some cases, the monetary rewards from such activities far surpass their base salaries; that is, the contracts with their club. During his second spell at Manchester United in 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo was making more money from his sponsors – taking home around £36 million – than from his very generous salary from the Red Devils (around £550,000 pw).

Athlete role models

The challenges of being an athlete role-model in the modern sports industry

Athletes are the beating heart of the modern sports industry. Their performance and the influence they have on sports fans around the world contribute to the commercial success and cultural significance of sports as a social phenomenon. Many of them are not only admired for their sport performance but are also looked up to for their qualities and behavior. Athletes who are a source of inspiration, can provide guidance and can set a positive example for others to follow, gaining a role-model status.

Athlete role models

Athlete role-models and their impact on fan engagement and loyalty

Athletes, without a doubt, have great influence over their supporters; being a source of inspiration to their fans. This in turn can significantly affect fan engagement and loyalty to a sport and to the athletes themselves. This article will look into how athletes can influence fan engagement and loyalty through community outreach and philanthropic causes, the values and qualities they present, their communication with the general public, as well as personal stories of triumph over adversity.