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Female athletes and changes in marital status

While for male athletes, discussions surrounding their marriages will be limited to a few photographs of the newlyweds, the arrival of children and the occasional gossip that animates the masses; for female athletes the story is entirely different. With widespread perceptions and expectations focusing on childbearing and matrimony that transcend sports, there is certainly additional pressure and interest in aspects of the marriage that is usually not seen in the cases of male athletes.

Women Athletes

The financial vulnerability of female athletes and the difficulties of creating a financial identity

Numerous articles on our blog have gone into great detail about the extremely unique nature of the athletic profession. Athletes make significant sums of money but only within the confines of a short time period, typically 10 to 15 years, and their income is highly volatile and dependent on their performance and physical health. As data suggests, athletes are very prone to financial trouble, with many ending up broke just years after the end of their athletic careers.

Women Athletes

Gender inequality and its effect on the financial independence of women

Even though steps have been made in the right direction, gender inequality is still prevalent and poses a great issue, especially in the world of sports. Despite the progress made over the years, income inequality and the gender pay gap between female and male athletes remains a cause for concern, affecting the level of financial independence of female athletes, as well as their ability to live a financially sustainable life.

Women Athletes

Female athletes, childbearing, and motherhood responsibilities

According to public perception, it is common to think that there is a clash between motherhood and peak performance in elite sports. Top athletic performance requires such high levels of commitment and dedication to the sport which means that women often need to sacrifice family life, especially when taking into consideration that the window of fertility and peak performance tends to overlap. Unlike male athletes, female athletes are forced to decide about whether they will continue to train and perform in sports, take a step back to embrace motherhood or attempt to take on the major challenge of combining the two, given that the sports industry and society may not be their greatest supporters in this process.