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Athletes: Pick your partners and sponsors carefully

The newly established NIL regulations for NCAA collegiate student-athletes, regarding partnerships and sponsorships have brought upon us exciting times for current and aspiring collegiate student-athletes, due to the wide range of opportunities opening up. However, one must be careful which partners or sponsors they choose to represent and be affiliated with, since this can greatly affect their professional profile and image, potentially following them for years thereafter, even after their athletic career comes to an end.


Athletes and the use of social media as an additional revenue stream

The emergence of social media and their continuous, fast-paced development through the years, have brought new levels of popularity and exposure for athletes; allowing them to promote and market their brand with greater ease, increasing their reach and audience engagement. Due to the great influence they exert on their fans and the general public, athletes can be considered as highly effective influencers for potential endorsements and promotional campaigns, ranging from sportswear to promoting social messages on current and prevalent issues such as mental health awareness.


Are commercial deals more financially rewarding than professional sports contracts?

As emphasized in our last Money Smart Athlete article, due to their relatively short careers, athletes need to create multiple revenue streams, diversifying their sources of income beyond their athletic contracts. This type of diversification can help athletes to optimize their earning potential, as part of their long-term financial strategy. As a result, athletes today tend to get involved in numerous off-field arrangements, including endorsements and sponsorships, which often provide them with as much or even more money than their sports contracts.