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Athlete Entrepreneurship

The Role of Mentorship in Athletic Entrepreneurship

Even though there is no doubt that athletes possess a wide range of unique skills and traits that could prove to be valuable in an entrepreneurial career, such as discipline, perseverance and the continuous need to improve, the transition into the world of business does not come without obstacles and challenges. Mentorship can be the link between the field of sports and the field of business.  

Motivation and Empowerment

Athletes: Creating a strong support network by surrounding themselves with positive influences

Have you ever noticed how you feel after a chat with positive, uplifting friends? There is a liveliness in your step, a smile on your face, and suddenly those big challenges seem a bit more manageable. Now, put yourself in an athlete's shoes. Their world is intense and every move is under the microscope. But just like anyone, the company they surround themselves with, has a significant impact on their mindset and performance. Let’s dive into why having the right people around is a game-changer for athletes.