Academy Level Athletes

Our Junior Academy Program is designed to fulfill the financial education and emotional needs of athletes ages 12 to 15 and it also addresses a number of sport parenting issues. Our Senior Academy Program is designed to fulfill the financial education and emotional needs of athletes ages 16 to 18, it addresses sport parenting issues as well as guides athletes and their parents through the NCAA recruitment process.

Junior Academy Course Content

Senior Academy Course Content

Youth Empowerment & Financial Literacy & Sport Parenting

The program’s Youth Empowerment lessons explain concepts such as goal setting, cultivating self awareness, dealing with failure and developing resilience, the compound effect of small daily steps, the importance of one’s attitude, being proactive and seizing opportunities, habits and discipline, choices and responsibility. In addition it helps young athletes build communication skills, deal with peer pressure and negative influences, as well as prepare them for post-university life whether that is in professional sports or in any other field.

The Financial Literacy sessions deal with money concepts, needs and wants, savings and how money grows, spending habits and financial psychology, budgeting, banking, credit and debt, the basics of personal financial planning, philanthropy, helping others and volunteer work, and a whole lot more. Furthermore, the financial literacy curriculum of the program includes presentations about the sudden wealth phenomenon, financial setbacks, investments, risk management, building the sports personal brand, post career development, entrepreneurship and business fundamentals.

The Parents’ modules guide parents in encouraging and supporting their children with both academics and sports, they discuss how parents can prepare for the financial challenges of sending their children to college, and they include personal financial planning concepts for families with young and teenage children. In addition, they include presentations designed to help parents guide their children through college/university recruitment and thus enable them to make the right decisions for their future.

The role of Sports Academies should be expanded to a holistic model of athlete development and provide training for their students in essential life skills.

Learning Outcomes

Through our Academy Level courses, we want to make sure that athletes obtain a basic financial understanding along with the life skills that will help them:

  • Realize that it is the small daily steps that build success
  • Be able to juggle their academic and sports lives
  • Get ready for college life
  • Think about how they want to live their life and figure out how to accomplish it
  • Create a circle of trustworthy people and professionals which will support them in different areas of their lives
  • Learn basic, yet useful, financial concepts
  • Be conservative with finances and be able to set a budget and follow it
  • Realize that a sports career is usually a short one and in case they go professional they should prepare themselves for a second career

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