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What do children ages 6 to 12 know about money? Well, not much! They have never earned any money and all they know is that they spend whatever allowance their parents give them. Our Sports Kids program which is geared towards ages 6 to 12, aims to teach children to appreciate money as a source of livelihood as well as teach them how money is earned and how it should be spent without wasting it. To cater to the young age of the course audience, we have based the course delivery on storytelling through the ‘‘Soccertopia Stories’’ and cartoon-like presentations followed by instructor-guided discussions.

Course Content

Financial and Life Skills

We believe that financial skills should be nurtured at an early age to help youngsters develop healthy financial habits early on in their life. These healthy financial habits will enable them to make wise financial decisions throughout their whole life thus contributing to their overall wellbeing.

The curriculums of our financial education programs include basic financial concepts, financial goal setting and the specifics of creating, implementing and maintaining a financial freedom plan. The core financial literacy areas covered through our Sports Kids program, which are in line with the guidelines of the U.S. National Financial Educators Council, are:

  • Introduction to Money and how do people earn money
  • Smart spending on necessities and differentiating between needs and wants
  • Invisible money – Credit card spending
  • Balancing spending and saving and introduction to budgeting
  • Saving and growing your money and planning for the future
  • Giving back to society through charity causes and other forms of philanthropy
  • The world of work, the difference between having job and being a business owner

To assist sports kids in developing their personality we have designed a sports dedicated Youth Empowerment Curriculum, based on the Success Foundation Guidelines. Our program aims to empower sports kids to succeed in life by just following simple routines in their everyday life. The youngsters are encouraged to channel their energy into sporting activities through which they will benefit in a number of areas including boosting their confidence and creativity.

Developing proper habits as a sport parent, creating sport-like conditions at home for academic work and everyday life activities, planning for ways to encourage and motivate your children, can have a tremendous impact in shaping their character.

Sport Parenting

Sport Parenting is considered an essential component in the sporting, educational and financial success of youngsters. The program prepares parents on how to support and encourage their children. Additionally, the program outlines necessary elements of financial education that equips and enables parents to plan the financial future of their young family and creating long-term financial sustainability. Moreover, this part of the program teaches basic principles related to spectator behavior, parents- sports academy relations and sport-experience principles that are fundamental to the well being of athletes, and form the basis of a healthy youth development program.

Through our Sports Kids course, we want to make sure that the young athletes obtain a basic financial understanding along with the life skills that will help them:

  • Practice smart spending on necessities and differentiate between needs and wants
  • Enjoy sports participation and see it as a fun activity which helps them build their character
  • Realize that it is the small daily steps that will help them build a successful life
  • Learn basic, yet useful, financial concepts through story-telling, which will help them develop healthy financial habits
  • Get ready for teenage life

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