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Sports Kids

Through our Sports Kids courses we teach children to appreciate money as a source of livelihood and help them develop their personality.

Academy Level Athletes

Our academy level courses strengthen the whole person, not just the athlete, by training teenage athletes in essential life skills.

Collegiate Athletes

This program is all about teaching useful life skills which give student athletes an edge in real life.

Professional Athletes

Our comprehensive program includes courses on financial goal setting, building and maintaining a financial freedom plan, creating an after sports career, and many more.

Female Athletes

Our bespoke courses address the steps that women athletes should take to achieve financial sustainability and independence.

Solo-Sport Athletes

Our program for athletes in individual sports addresses the unique financial and emotional challenges faced during the pursuit of a solo sports career.

Personal development programs strengthen the person as a whole and not just the athlete.

Athena P. Constantinou
Our mission is to financially educate, empower and mentor athletes to enable them to plan their desired financial future and attain financial independence. We help turn athletes into ‘whole persons’ rather than just great athletes!

Money Smart Athlete Blog

Inspirational Athletes: Lionel Messi: The GOAT of football

It was a first for the worldwide football community to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place during November and December, instead of the typical June and July. There was a lot of anticipation for the tournament, not because of the dates on which it was taking place but rather because it felt like it was “a last dance” for one of the greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi.

Inspirational Athletes: Kylian Mbappé: The Golden Boot

Kylian Mbappé Lottin is a French professional soccer player who plays forward for PSG and the French national team. He is considered to be one of the world's top youngest soccer players, and is admired for his incredible speed, accuracy, perseverance and scoring ability, when it comes to his performance on the field. At 24 years old, he has already managed to achieve more than most professional soccer players ever will; winning the hearts of his fans all around the world.