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Sports Kids

Through our Sports Kids courses we teach children to appreciate money as a source of livelihood and help them develop their personality.

Academy Level Athletes

Our academy level courses strengthen the whole person, not just the athlete, by training teenage athletes in essential life skills.

Collegiate Athletes

This program is all about teaching useful life skills which give student athletes an edge in real life.

Professional Athletes

Our comprehensive program includes courses on financial goal setting, building and maintaining a financial freedom plan, creating an after sports career, and many more.

Female Athletes

Our bespoke courses address the steps that women athletes should take to achieve financial sustainability and independence.

Solo-Sport Athletes

Our program for athletes in individual sports addresses the unique financial and emotional challenges faced during the pursuit of a solo sports career.

Personal development programs strengthen the person as a whole and not just the athlete.

Athena P. Constantinou
Our mission is to financially educate, empower and mentor athletes to enable them to plan their desired financial future and attain financial independence. We help turn athletes into ‘whole persons’ rather than just great athletes!

Money Smart Athlete Blog

Sponsorship Challenges: Financial Support for Paralympic Competitors

In the world of sports, Paralympic athletes exhibit immense determination, skill, and resilience. However, despite their remarkable achievements, these competitors often face significant challenges in securing financial sponsorship—a critical component for training, participation, and career development in sports. This article explores the unique hurdles Paralympic athletes encounter in attracting sponsors and provides real-life examples to illustrate these challenges.

Hidden Hurdles: Understanding the Financial Challenges of Paralympic Athletes

The Paralympic Games are a celebration of incredible athleticism, determination, and resilience. Paralympians, like their Olympic counterparts, dedicate years of their lives to mastering their sports, often overcoming significant physical and societal challenges to compete on the world stage. However, behind the scenes, Paralympians face a unique set of financial challenges that can impede their athletic journeys and limit their opportunities for success. Understanding these hidden hurdles is crucial for fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for these remarkable athletes.