The SFLA Trainer Program

Our SFLA Trainer Program accepts candidates as participating trainers of our program. The participating trainers will receive Train-The-Trainer training from the SFLA and they will be authorized to use our program for teaching their own clientele.

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Each participating trainer will be paying an annual fee which will depend on which course(s) they want to have access to. If a participating trainer will enrol in more than one course, then they will receive a discount as per our discount policy which is posted on our website.

Upon enrolment, each participating trainer will receive two hours of training and upon completion, they will receive an “SFLA Trainer” certificate that covers a year’s time.

Each  trainer will receive access to our teaching material and can download our presentations and workbook for distribution to their students. They will also be able to download the Train the Trainer material. The annual fee covers support for trainers who can submit questions they may have through email and receive answers within 48 hours. Also, the annual support covers an hourly online meeting between the trainer and the SFLA trainer to discuss trends, current events of interest and suggestion of subjects that can be included in the next year’s updated material.

 All SFLA trainers will have to follow the terms and conditions of their relationship with SFLA.

Terms and conditions

  • The SFLA-Trainer undertakes to commit to the SFLA code of conduct (as described in the TTT training) and deliver the SFLA material to their students in the best possible manner.
  • The SFLA-Trainer will only use the SFLA courses material for teaching their students and will not disseminate, copy, or reproduce this material for any other purpose.
  • The trainer status is granted on an annual basis and if the annual enrolment is not renewed then access to the program material is terminated.
  • Each trainer enrollment will hold valid for one year from the date of their first enrollment and it will be up for renewal during each enrollment anniversary.
  • All updated material will be disseminated/given access to the Trainer upon renewal of their enrollment.

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