Female Athletes

In this program we go through the necessary steps that women athletes should take towards financial independence and the development of female leadership and role models within the international sports arena. These steps are fundamental actions, within common reasoning, which have an impact on their personal life, and need to be handled with the appropriate care and delicacy.

Course Content

Female Leadership

Female leadership can be developed through events and seminars, where female athletes present their testimonials and celebrate their success. Through our courses we emphasize mentoring and encouragement of young girls to become consumers of female sports. We discuss how female athletes can push for social change by publicly urging people outside the sporting world, especially those in positions of power or hierarchy, to publicly praise and support female athletes and empower them to become role models themselves.

There is compelling evidence to suggest that role models are an important component in the development of females, whether that be on the field of play, in the office, in politics, or social service. Female sport role models (as are male role models for that matter) are important since adolescent girls are bombarded with images of external beauty, instead of images of quality characteristics, usually found in female athletes. Our program discusses extensively how female sport role models can instil confidence, strong work ethic and even an emphasis on education. Confidence and leadership, teamwork and cooperation are all very important as qualities, which many female athletes exemplify and young girls need.

Successful female collegiate athletes are excellent role models in showing young girls the importance of gaining an education and combining it with an athletic career.

Learning Objectives

  • Promote female empowerment within the sports industry
  • Understand how women can create and safeguard their financial independence
  • Promote proactive financial behavior for women
  • Plan ways to work towards financial independence and create ways to financially succeed
  • Become an equal financial partner in the household
  • Overcome fears, stereotypes and public opinion

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