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Money Smart Athlete Blog

July 2018 Editorial: How the Money Smart Athlete Manages Risk

Jul 1, 2018 | Editorials

1 July, 2018

Athletes are facing different types of risks due to the special nature of their circumstances. It is an absolute necessity for athletes to insure themselves and their assets and thus hedge against these different types of risks.

It is important for athletes to identify and manage potential risks so that they can take measures to protect themselves. As a Money Smart Athlete, you can protect yourself and your personal finances in a number of ways whether that means buying different types of insurance to cover basic and sport specific needs, protecting your wealth and your family or limiting the disastrous financial effects of a divorce.

This month, we want you to understand that as a professional athlete, your sports career will constantly develop and transition and so will your insurance needs. Proper insurance will protect your financial future by reducing your risk and the right insurance advisor will proactively manage your insurance program and adapt it to the changing realities of your life. Life is full of risks but those who take proper action to hedge against them are the ones who excel and become successful!


Athena P. Constantinou