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Student-Athletes, The Athlete's Brand

How College Athletes can commercialize their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL)

The right to publicity, which is a right protected by law, gives any individual the exclusive right to license the use of any distinct aspect of their identity for commercial promotion. Through the use of this right, athletes who were traditionally paid just to compete in their respective sport, could create an extra revenue stream through licensing the use of their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) for commercial purposes. Nowadays the development and commercial exploitation of an athlete’s brand has become an integral part of their career, allowing them to monetize their on-field success in the long term, even after their playing days are over.


The College experience as a student-athlete

As a college student you may think that student-athletes have it so easy in college, by being admitted with lower academic achievements and having a support network while in college which includes academic mentors, tutors, coaches, and advisors. Even though all these may be true, is that the whole picture?


International student-athletes and the relocation factor

A great number of athletes will need to relocate during their careers, either to a different state/region or different country. The situation is similar for foreign student-athletes who move to the United States to combine academics and sports.  Approximately 12% of NCAA division I students are foreign students, as when it comes to fusing higher education with sports, the US is second to none. There is no other educational system in the world which offers the opportunity to compete on an almost professional level, playing alongside the future protagonists of professional sports, while at the same time working towards your undergraduate degree.