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Money Smart Athlete Blog



September 2021 Editorial: Off the Pitch: Athletes and Investments

Investing is one of the key ways that athletes can achieve the financial goals they have set in their financial and life plan.  Through investing athletes can make their money work for them and take charge of their financial security by growing their wealth and by generating additional income streams to support their desired lifestyle.


July 2021 Editorial: The Mental and Emotional Health of Athletes

The challenges in the lives of athletes are many; their wellbeing is impacted by their situation both on and off the field, while injuries, mental and physical pressures are a natural by-product of competing at a high level. The psychological stressors experienced by athletes put a lot of strain in their mental state and they can have devastating results.


June 2021 Editorial: The Silent Rise of Esports

Electronic Sports, commonly known as Esports, have been gaining a lot of ground during the past decade.  Esports has been experiencing huge popularity during the past few years because, among other things, it is considered a far more inclusive sport than other sports where there is no gender, age, race or any other discrimination:  Everyone has the potential and can train to be a professional gamer.


January 2021 Editorial: Common Financial Challenges of Pro-Athletes

Happy New Year to all!  The past year has been a hell of a year for all of us.  The coronavirus pandemic has swept the whole world, sport and athletes included, with a devastating ripple effect.  Our wish for this year is to keep safe and healthy, manage to recover from the COVID effects and move on to a growth path again!


November 2020 Editorial: The Commercialization of the Student Athlete Image and the NCAA Amateurism Criterion

Since its establishment under President Theodore Roosevelt, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been the administrative and coordinating body of college sports. Virtually unknown to the rest of the world, the NCAA, its policies and intransigence have been a focal source of controversy regarding the image rights of student athletes in the US largely because the NCAA has been at the epicentre of every reaction against the professionalization of college sports.


February 2020 Editorial: The Entrepreneur Athlete

February 1, 2020 Entrepreneurship is a lucrative post sports career option for many athletes.  Entrepreneurship itself is very exciting and it usually comes with excellent wealth generating prospects.  During the past decade, we have seen a number of...