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Parenting, Youth Empowerment

The values and traits developed through sports

In an era of mass commercialization, where the desire for profit and power become the main drivers of one’s actions, we seek to understand what keeps athletes from going astray, what keeps them focused in their goals and prevents them from losing sight of their game. From a very young age, athletes develop moral values, as well as character traits, that guide them through life, through the tough as well as the good times. In this article, we seek to explore what these values and traits are and why athletes develop and stick to them. Specifically, we will begin by trying to understand what values and traits are, how one develops them and how sports through their nature, grow some specific values and traits in every athlete.


Sports Parents: Your child’s sports future and drawing the line between dreams and reality

The younger you are the more hopeful you are and the more hopeful you are the wilder dreams you have. When kids are young their imagination runs wild and they all want to become famous and great. They want to become football players, basketball players, astronauts, race car drivers and so on. Dreams are good and a fundamental aspect of being a child, however, as your kids get older you have to slowly pull them to reality, without of course crushing their hopes and dreams.

Parenting, Youth Empowerment

Sport Parenting: Help your child balance education and sports

We have previously discussed the importance of parents helping young athletes excel both academically and in the sports field; a sporting parent can offer emotional support, practical time management tips and encouragement for their child to realize their potential in a healthy manner. It may sometimes be difficult for a young athlete to combine their education with a sport and, at times, it may feel like the two areas are competing priorities. However, with the right attitude, they can enhance each other; helping your child learn to balance school and sports is a lesson that will serve them well through adulthood.