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The Athlete’s Brand

The Athlete's Brand

Athletes and Social Media Mistakes

By Niovie Constantinou, Contributor As previously discussed, an athlete’s brand is a crucial pillar to post-sports career opportunities and if used wisely, the building block to creating a legacy. At the very core of an athlete’s brand is, of course, social media:...

The Athlete's Brand

The Athlete’s Brand and its Components

While some athletes are simply popular because of their work, there are some who have gone the extra mile to create a ‘killer’ personal brand that can always be utilized for profit and influence.  A personal sports brand can be build in such a way to transform the...

The Athlete's Brand

Tax Structuring of Image Rights

International Image Rights structures facilitate the exploitation of the athletes’ image rights throughout their movement from team to team and from one country to another and also take advantage of their international exposure in terms of sponsorships and...

The Athlete's Brand

What is a Brand and what are Image Rights?

What is a Brand? The term “brand” has been used through the years with different meanings attached to it. From initially being used by cattle ranchers to describe the process of using branding irons to mark their animals with their “brand”, to using “brand” as the...