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Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs

Industry Trends in Professional esports 

By Irwin Kishner and Adam Unger The year 2019 has been a memorable one for the ever evolving global esports market.  For the first time global esports exceeded the billion-dollar revenue mark, with revenues expected to exceed $1.1 billion dollars.  You...

Guest Blogs

How to Eliminate Transition Trauma

by Debra Russell  Throughout your life as an athlete, you will experience transition. As a student athlete, you experience it as you advance through the levels of your sport and then into University athletics and from amateur to professional. Even once you're in...

Guest Blogs

Branded Entertainment: Athletes in Film

by Susan Sember The mediums of film, television and video content provide a unique platform to establish an athlete’s brand in the most immersive and authentic way.  Branded entertainment is increasingly gaining stride in preference over traditional advertising and...