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Month: June 2019

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Industry Trends in Professional esports 

By Irwin Kishner and Adam Unger The year 2019 has been a memorable one for the ever evolving global esports market.  For the first time global esports exceeded the billion-dollar revenue mark, with revenues expected to exceed $1.1 billion dollars.  You...

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The Social Implications of eSports

By Andreas Themistocleous, Contributor I really want to avoid the discussion on whether eSports are an actual sport. The moment the International Olympic Committee announced its consideration on including eSports in future Olympic Games, I was left without an...

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Financial Opportunities for eSport Athletes

By Niovie Constantinou, Contributor The eSport industry has grown vastly in the past decade, and what was once considered a hobby has now become a serious career path that can actually pay very generously. Video games are no longer simply designed to be played, as...