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August 2018 Editorial: The effect of the economic environment on the financial life of the Money Smart Athlete

Aug 1, 2018 | Editorials

1 August, 2018

Personal financial planning is affected by several macroeconomic factors.  Therefore when you plan your financial lives, you should take into account conditions in the wider economy and in the markets that make up the economy.

As a Money Smart Athlete it is important to develop your own understanding of the economy and the factors shaping it and have an idea of where the economy is headed so that you can plan your finances and your career accordingly.  There are a number of financial health indicators through which you can understand the trends of the economy.  These systemic factors include business cycles, employment rates and currency values.

This month we want to raise the Money Smart Athletes’ awareness on how the state of the economy may affect their financial lives.  Understanding large-scale economic patterns and factors that indicate the health of an economy can help Money Smart Athletes make better financial decisions which will contribute positively to their overall financial freedom plan!


Athena P. Constantinou

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