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December 2022 Editorial: Athletes and Public Perception

Dec 2, 2022 | Editorials

How the general public, and especially fans and supporters, view and perceive a professional athlete as a sports personality but also as a public figure can undoubtedly affect not only their brand’s strength but also their mental wellbeing and consequently their sports performance. A positive public perception can elevate an athlete in all aspects, leading to an upward spiral, whilst a negative public perception can lead to a vicious cycle of failure, which can be very difficult yet not impossible to get out of. An athlete who acts recklessly in their athletic and personal life may end up putting their reputation on the line, risking losing everything they worked so hard for in a split second. However, with proper branding and marketing efforts perceptions can change to a certain extent, and an athlete’s positive public image can be recovered.

This month at the Money Smart Athlete Blog, we will explore real-life examples of athletes whose public image took a turn for the worst, focusing on the actions that led to the damage of their reputation, but most importantly on ways athletes can revive their public image after all. Furthermore, we will look into the relationship between sports performance and public perception, examining their association. Finally, we will go over different ways which could help professional athletes overcome the fear of public perception.

Athena P. Constantinou

E-mail: [email protected]