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March 2024: Female Athletes: Financial Planning and getting Retirement-ready

Mar 1, 2024 | Editorials

As I am heading to New York City to attend SIGA’s Masterclass on Female Leadership in Sport, I cannot help but think of all the women athletes out there who are still fighting for equal pay and for financial stability.

Apart from the obstacles and challenges that female athletes have in common with their male counterparts, they also have to deal with the negative effects of the gender pay-gap; add to that the small window of opportunity during which revenue is coming in and you have a complex financial puzzle to solve.  This necessitates a solid and flexible financial plan which has to be put in place early on in a female athlete’s career.

This month the Money Smart Athlete team celebrates female athletes and dedicates all of its articles to their financial wellness.  We will offer guidance to our female-athlete readers on creating a suitable financial plan, early on, which will help them design their financial lives.  We will also go a step further and look into how they can create additional revenue streams by building and capitalizing on their brand or by setting up a parallel business, if that is something they wish to do.  We believe in the power of women and in their ability to create opportunities for themselves and through our articles we wish to steer female-athletes towards creating the circumstances that will give them the life they aspire to have!

Athena P. Constantinou

E-mail: [email protected]