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Starting Strong: Financial Fitness Tips for Athletes

Jan 1, 2024 | Editorials

Happy New Year to all of our Money Smart readers.  A new year signifies new beginnings, new goals and so many new expectations.  Financial prosperity usually ranks high amongst our annual goals because it is the key to a comfortable life.  Starting the year strong and well-equipped to properly manage our financial affairs, is the cornerstone of financial fitness and in consequence, financial security.

Forming financially healthy habits like saving, budgeting, handling debt and investing with the future in mind, will definitely contribute to having a financially successful year.  Like all habits, consistent financial habits can be the building blocks of financial success.  This month, we will be discussing financial fitness models for athletes and we will be giving a lot of tips on how to become financially fit.

So, this year, let’s start fresh, let’s set bold financial goals and let’s set up the necessary processes and form those habits that will empower us to create financial abundance and most of all, lead us to financial independence.

Athena P. Constantinou

E-mail: [email protected]