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Sep 19, 2017 | Editorials

September 19 2017

I am very excited about the launching of this blog which is a labor of love, vision and hard work. I have been working with athletes from all continents for over 20 years and throughout my career, I have witnessed the financial fall of many great athletes who had been earning substantial amounts of money during their sports career.

The financial vulnerability of athletes is a real problem which I believe can only be tackled by cultivating financial literacy as a life skill; a skill that will help them make sound financial decisions and give them confidence over their financial lives.

My personal mission, as the founder of the APC Sports Financial Literacy Academy ( is to guide, support and protect athletes in the international cross border sports business so that they realize their full potential and thrive financially.

I derive great satisfaction in helping athletes attain financial freedom and leading fulfilling and financially secure lives after sport. I hope that through this blog I will be able to reach out and help even more great athletes from different corners of the world become Money Smart Athletes!

Athena P. Constantinou

Email: [email protected]