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Athletes: Creating a strong support network by surrounding themselves with positive influences

By Stefanos Gregoriou, The Sports Financial Literacy Academy

Have you ever noticed how you feel after a chat with positive, uplifting friends? There is a liveliness in your step, a smile on your face, and suddenly those big challenges seem a bit more manageable. Now, put yourself in an athlete’s shoes. Their world is intense and every move is under the microscope. But just like anyone, the company they surround themselves with, has a significant impact on their mindset and performance. Let’s dive into why having the right people around is a game-changer for athletes.

All of us face tough days. For athletes, this could be an injury, a bad game, or just feeling out of sync. Having cheerleaders in their corner; not the pom-pom kind, but real-life supporters – can turn their mood upside down. It’s about more than sweet words; it’s about changing how they view their roadblocks. Instead of viewing challenges as monumental setbacks, they start seeing them as minor hurdles.

Behind every great athlete, there is usually a fantastic coach. Coaches are like the wise old owls; full of advice, strategies, techniques and a few stories from their days. But more than just training the body, they train the mind. They’re the ones who instill confidence, saying, “You can do it!” and ensuring that athletes believe in it and achieve it.

Moreover, teammates can be thought of as an athlete’s second family. In team sports, it is like having a bunch of siblings. They go through everything together; laugh together, sometimes cry together and share countless memories. They’re on the same roller coaster ride, and they have each other’s backs. Even those playing solo sports have training buddies. They swap stories, share advice, and lift each other up. One person’s win feels like everyone’s win.

It should be highlighted that family and close friends form the backbone of any athlete’s support system. From the first steps on the field to major milestones, they will be steadfast supporters. They are there to provide a comforting space away from the spotlight of the sporting arena.

Retired athletes can also provide valuable influence and mentorship, often having stories and lessons to share. They have been there, done that. Picking their brains can be like finding treasure for younger athletes. Conversely, when retired athletes engage with newcomers it reminds them of their journey and why they fell in love with the sport.

Furthermore, while athletes have their inner circle, there are times they need specialized guidance. This might come from a nutritionist to guide their meals or a therapist to discuss mental stress. Welcoming diverse experts into their circle can give them that well-rounded edge.

In the end, sports aren’t just about muscles and scores. They are about heart, mind, and spirit. And who better to help athletes with these than their support crew? Good company isn’t just nice to have; it’s essential. So, whether you are aiming for the big leagues or just playing for fun, remember to keep your favorite cheerleaders close. They make the journey sweeter.

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