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Month: November 2017

The Athlete's Brand

Tax Structuring of Image Rights

International Image Rights structures facilitate the exploitation of the athletes’ image rights throughout their movement from team to team and from one country to another and also take advantage of their international exposure in terms of sponsorships and...

Guest Blogs

Branded Entertainment: Athletes in Film

by Susan Sember The mediums of film, television and video content provide a unique platform to establish an athlete’s brand in the most immersive and authentic way.  Branded entertainment is increasingly gaining stride in preference over traditional advertising and...

The Athlete's Brand

What is a Brand and what are Image Rights?

What is a Brand? The term “brand” has been used through the years with different meanings attached to it. From initially being used by cattle ranchers to describe the process of using branding irons to mark their animals with their “brand”, to using “brand” as the...