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Financial Psychology

Financial Psychology

The last contract of the retiring athlete

Professional athletes in the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball were studied for a ten-year period, by researchers at the University of Missouri, who established that the so called “contract-year effect”, in the sport world, can actually be proven scientifically.

Financial Psychology

The Money Smart Athlete’s Goal Setting

You must agree that being able to afford your dream life is an incredible feeling. Imagine having plenty of free time to live life on your terms and at the same time being able to help the people who are important to you. Goals define the action you must take in...

Financial Psychology

Dealing with the sudden wealth phenomenon

Young athletes and the people who surround them make lots of personal sacrifices, for many years, in order for an athlete to gain professional status and be able to play sports for a living. Becoming a professional athlete can bring you fame and money, according to...